Date of Last Update: 29/09/2023

Terms and conditions of services provided by Help Hubs Services.

Acknowledgment and undertaking to agree and commitment to the following terms and conditions and the attached annexes referred to:

First: All services provided by Help Hubs are paid in advance according to the agreed pricing shown in the schedule of programs and services, whether it is a one-visit service or a monthly contract service. In addition, the service provided by the available nationality.

Second: You may change or postpone the visit by our application or website in advance of 48 hours of the visit time. In case you wants to reschedule a visit of the monthly subscriptions must be aware of the following:

    - Four Visits a month client is eligible to reschedule ONLY one visit during the contract period.
    - Eight Visits a month client is eligible to reschedule ONLY two visits during the contract period.
    - Twelve Visits a month client is eligible to reschedule ONLY three visits during the contract period.
    - Sixteen Visits a month client is eligible to reschedule ONLY four visits during the contract period.

Third: The address of mine, contact numbers and Email provided by me are correct and the notifications sent to me via WhatsApp or e-mail messages are binding and enforceable against. Also, If I am living in a compound I commit to pick and drop the cleaner at the gate on time.

Fourth: In case I am not present at the house, considering the necessity of the presence of the housewife and being in house while the cleaner working and not letting the worker alone with kids or male, or not answering the phone or the bell of the house to provide the service within ten minutes from the arrival, the service shall be considered as provided and accomplished with no obligations on Help Hubs at present or future.

Fifth: The beginning of the service starts from the time of arrival of the worker to the client’s location. And the arrival time will be within Two hours of the selected time of the service. And once the visits time ends the client shall release the worker immediately with no delay.

Sixth: All services provided by Help Hubs include the delivery of the worker to and from client's house by Help Hubs Cleaning Services only where I am not allowed to take the worker outside the location for whatever reason is, and if that happened the contract will be automatically canceled, and client does not entitle to claim any payment paid of the contract value. In addition, client must provide the cleaning materials and giving the guidance to the worker how to use it and show the cleaner which places to be cleaned inside the house.

Seventh: The worker may be replaced or the visit will be reschedule for reasons beyond control during the contract period or one time visit and replaced by another worker and in case the client rejected the replaced worker the visit will be count as provided where client has no right to reclaim the amount or the visit again with no obligations to Help Hubs.

Eighth: any Act by a worker, it is an individual act and is not accepted at all by Help Hubs and we disclaim responsibility for this Action, including but not limited to (responsibility for damage or loss and loss of property of the client) and may not refer to the glow towers for cleaning. And the affected party must claim the incident to the in-charge department of the government.

Ninth: Client Must keep any object and valuable objects away from sights and clients only has full responsibilities in case of any missing items.

Tenth: In case of Canceling Monthly Contract only:

    A- If canceled by the company, the value of the remaining visits will be refunded only according to the monthly contract value.
    B-  If the client requests to cancel the contract before the first visit, an amount of 50% of the total value of the contract is deducted, and in the event of a cancellation request after the first visit, an amount of 75% of the total value of the contract is deducted, and in the event of cancellation after the second visit, no refund can be made. Of the contract value.
    C-  One time visit is not refunded, and client may change the visit as per the term 2 of this agreement.
    D-  In case the Visit is included of one of our promotion, client can’t request postpone or cancel the visit.

Eleventh: The customer is obligated to apply all instructions, circulars and decisions issued by the official authorities regarding the application of precautionary measures and preventive measures on everyone present in the place of implementation of the service, and this includes a commitment to social distancing, wearing masks, providing sterilizers, making sure of the status of the application of our trust, and obtaining in advance the necessary permits from the competent authorities regarding Gatherings and events of any kind, and accordingly the customer bears all the legal and financial implications of violating the procedures and measures mentioned and is obligated to compensate Help Hubs in the event that any of those violations are recorded against the right of the workforce implementing the services of the contract

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*This copy is electronic and is in full conditions above applied to the client by agreeing on it.